1: 1. Get involved in campus activities to meet new friends and build a community.

2: 2. Utilize resources like the tutoring center and career services to succeed academically and professionally.

3: 3. Familiarize yourself with campus safety procedures to stay safe and informed.

4: 4. Take advantage of the campus gym and wellness center to prioritize your health.

5: 5. Explore different clubs and organizations to find your passion and expand your interests.

6: 6. Attend campus events and sporting games to support your fellow classmates and enhance school spirit.

7: 7. Stay organized with a planner or digital calendar to stay on top of assignments and deadlines.

8: 8. Learn about the history and traditions of the university to feel connected to its legacy.

9: 9. Reach out to professors and advisors for guidance and support throughout your academic journey.