1: Aries craves adventure and thrills, making them open to the idea of being kidnapped by aliens.

2: Gemini's curiosity and love for the unknown would lead them to welcome an alien abduction.

3: Aquarius's fascination with the unconventional and futuristic would make them eager for an extraterrestrial encounter.

4: Pisces's dreamy nature and belief in otherworldly beings would make them embrace an alien kidnapping.

5: Sagittarius's love for exploring uncharted territories would make them excited about being abducted by aliens.

6: Libra's open-minded and diplomatic nature would make them intrigued by the idea of an alien abduction.

7: Leo's desire for excitement and drama would make them secretly wish for an alien kidnapping.

8: Scorpio's mysterious and intense personality would make them alluring to alien beings, making them a prime target for abduction.

9: Virgo's analytical and curious nature would make them fascinated by the possibility of being kidnapped by aliens.