1: Elizabeth Hurley stars in son Damian's debut film, featuring a steamy sex scene.

2: The talented mother-son duo brings a sultry vibe to the screen in this new project.

3: Critics are shocked by Hurley's bold and captivating performance in the film.

4: Damian Hurley showcases his directing skills with this sensual and daring movie.

5: Audiences can expect intense chemistry and passion in this alluring film.

6: Elizabeth Hurley pushes the boundaries with her sensual portrayal in the movie.

7: The film marks a new chapter in Elizabeth Hurley and Damian Hurley's careers.

8: Damian's directorial debut promises to be a controversial and unforgettable experience.

9: Elizabeth Hurley's steamy sex scene will surely leave viewers wanting more.


Elizabeth Hurley has a steamy sex scene in son Damian's directorial debut