1: Tips to prevent mascara smudges: Use waterproof formula and let it dry before blinking.

2: Avoid rubbing eyes to prevent mascara smudging. Keep lashes curled for less contact with skin.

3: Apply mascara with a light hand and use a lash primer for extra staying power.

4: Avoid touching your eyes throughout the day to keep mascara in place.

5: Consider using a setting spray to lock in your mascara and prevent smudges.

6: Opt for tubing mascaras that create a seal around each lash for smudge-proof wear.

7: Blot excess oil around the eyes to prevent mascara from transferring.

8: Refrain from layering too much mascara to reduce the chances of smudging.

9: Remove mascara gently with an oil-based cleanser to avoid rubbing and smudging.