1: Will Roseanne Barr's character be dead in "The Conners" spinoff? John Goodman hints at a major plot twist.

2: Fans speculate on how the show will address the absence of Barr's character in upcoming episodes.

3: Goodman's comments have sparked theories about the future of "The Conners" and the fate of Barr's character.

4: The actor's hints have left viewers wondering how the show will handle such a significant change.

5: Barr's departure from the show has raised questions about the direction of the series and the impact on the rest of the cast.

6: "The Conners" producers have yet to confirm the fate of Barr's character, leaving fans eager for more updates.

7: Goodman's reveals have set the stage for a dramatic new chapter in the "Roseanne" spinoff series.

8: Speculation continues to swirl as fans await official confirmation on the fate of Barr's character in "The Conners."

9: With Goodman's cryptic hints, the future of the show remains uncertain, adding to the anticipation of upcoming episodes.