1: Margot Robbie's female-led Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff is no longer happening, she confirmed, making fans disappointed.

2: Robbie had planned to feature strong female characters in the spinoff, but production has since been canceled.

3: Despite the setback, Robbie remains positive and focused on other exciting projects in the works.

4: The news of the spinoff cancellation comes as a surprise to fans who were eagerly anticipating it.

5: Rumors are circulating that the decision to cancel the spinoff was due to creative differences and scheduling conflicts.

6: Robbie had expressed excitement about the project in the past, but now must move on to new ventures.

7: Fans continue to support Robbie and eagerly await news of her next big project.

8: The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will continue with other projects, but Robbie's spinoff won't be among them.

9: Though disappointed, fans remain hopeful that Robbie will bring her unique talent to other projects in the future.