1: Meet Olivia Pope, a powerful crisis manager with secrets of her own. Could she headline a thrilling spinoff series?

2: Fitz Grant is a former President with a complicated past. Will his story continue in a new ABC show?

3: Abby Whelan, the fierce White House press secretary, could lead her own spinoff full of drama and intrigue.

4: Jake Ballard, the mysterious B613 agent, has a dark side. Could his character inspire a new spinoff on ABC?

5: Cyrus Beene, the master manipulator, has a talent for political scheming. Will he get his own ABC spinoff?

6: Mellie Grant, the ambitious former First Lady, has overcome great challenges. Could she star in her own ABC series?

7: Huck, the tech-savvy assassin, has a unique skillset. Will his character be the focus of a new ABC spinoff?

8: David Rosen, the determined Attorney General, seeks justice. Could his story lead to an ABC spinoff series?

9: Quinn Perkins, the former Gladiator turned leader, has a compelling journey. Will she inspire an ABC spinoff of her own?